Custom Quad fins

Tired of mass production fins? Don’t find what you need or what you like? Everybody is telling you there is no stock available and your order may delay for months? Really….? Look what this cutomer ordered us, his dream quad fin set…no excuses. Highest quality and no chinese people involved. Do you like ‘em? Check my web for the widest variety you’ve ever seen. Updated every week.

Real men wear Pink @blendinglines_surfboards

or so they say … anyway have you ever seen volan pink fins? Me neither, until now. I have to admit that they look great. Outstanding sanding job as usual. Remember, you can order your custom fins no matter what template, flex degree, colors, system etc etc, you want. Just check the wide variety shown at the e-shop or at this blog, and let me know your dream-fin.

Hell week

Hardly ever you see these volan fins on others finmakers webs, maybe it’s due to its color, coke bottle green it’s not the most demandend by many of you, maybe the sanding process is harder when you walk into the volan realm, or maybe because they are the highest quality product wich means a higher retail price…whatever it is at Neyra Custom Shop love these orders. Specially designed for surfers looking for gaining speed in every turn.

Twin Twin

Here you are what’s cooking in my shaping bay currently. A couple of performance fishes, that’s is , you take a little width and a little volume from the original fish design, keep the swallow tail a bit narrower, keep the low entry rocker, add an extra exit rocker and the result it’s an easy board for paddling and turning, with tons of speed…the every day board for average conditions. The best bet. Know your level and the volume you need and order a custom.

“It’s not that simple” longboard order

As I don´t like easy and simple things, I like to spend extra hours at the shaping bay working on the mother of all tails , specially if it’s for a friend order like this one for @sergiomrio via @surf9pies surf school. Just an accurated work for this f%cking wood tail. The result is superb, keeping in mind the sanding work is not done yet.

Must see this vid

If you want to know the truth and go back to the roots, take your time to watch this video at Just don’t miss the oportunity to improve your surf knowledge and find out how the fishes were invented, where do they come from and most important why this model has come from the past to stay… And these pictures are to remind you what a modern fish is, neither better or worse, just different.