Custom Order

Waiting for the finish touch…
Done. Custom color and template for @flowitsurfboards


Just a few pics of my recent collaboration at Gold Dust Surfboards. Top quality tint resin glass job , and different finishes. Polished and pin lines for the mid lengths, sanded pro-finish for the small ones.


Hats off to Neyra Custom Shapes for these two classics. The yellow one 9’5 x 23’x 3′, 100% handmade, resin tint,  three stinger foam, triple 6 oz deck and double 6 oz bottom, patches included, designed for ankle to waist swells and unlimited on the nose rides, the blue one, 100% custom restoration, designed for unlimited miles rides…

The most wanted custom order

That moment when you check your inbox to see new orders and you find a very demanding customer who knows exactly what he’s looking for…. I love it. Highest quality and attention to details, that’s the way  we share @vulcansurf