We’re back

After some adjustments  we’re back on track…2017 was a good year at Neyracustom Shop, and hopefully 2018 will be better. Loads of loads of new special orders are being receiving so far… Take this clear fiberglass twin fin set as a sample. The best is still to come.



Tails and tails…

High quality or poor quality, it looks  the same from the outside, do you notice the difference? In a world market leaded by the images thanks to instagram, among others, it ‘s never easy for the average joe to find out if it’s the right choice or not. Look  this tail,  made with translucent resin to create that look between the foam and the tail block. 




We wish you the happiest Xmas.

From Neyra custom shop, to all of our customers, we wish you the best for this xmas and a new year full of good vibes and waves. Remember these basic ideas to enjoy a sustainable new year:

  • support small businesses, remember small is beautiful.
  • 3r: reduce, reuse, recycle.
  • more walking, less driving.
  • more organic healthy food, less processed harmful products.

Thank you!!



United Colors of NeyraFins

Hi guys!!. A little bit of color for this xmas. Check the web to get one of this “one of a kind colorful hardly ever seen before” handmade fins. Your surfing is going to remain the same, but …you know …these fins are cooler than yours.



On fire

We are on fire this xmas at Neyrafins Custom Shop. Look one of my last creations… three hot colors for these Greenough inspired fins. Not only the color make’em great, get more projection on your turns provided by the power of this batch of  high flex fins. May the force by with you.




Bubbinga Bonzer

The star of the winter, come and see the one and only Bubbinga Bonzer. This bonzer shaped bubbinga wood is a 5’10 bonzer 5. Vacuum epoxy sandwich , includes paulownia water based tint rails and african Mahogany runners and central fin copper, among other details. Made in real wood, not just a marketing ad, light but strong construction.