Orange is the new fin

Halloween brought us this order for @diegogonzalezshapes to remind you the variety of colors and shapes we deliver at neyra custom shop. Plain or assorted , let us advice you about your next order. Check this blog to get ideas.

Volan Fins @fantasticacid

New batch of volan fins ready to go to Fantastic Acid Surfboards. Check their work and you’ll understand why they order these high flex custom fins. Single fins and side bitters for stubbies and mid-lengths and longboards, made of volan fibre. Question about flex? just let me know…

UWL shapers club

Custom order shipped to long time friends at UWL. Plywood twin fins with original deco, as requested. Contact us to order your own design. Single or dual tab, we do it all. 100% handmade with real materials. No Chinese people or factory involved in the making of. Made proudly in Spain at a fair price.