Three of our most demanded set of twins, ready to ship to @radzhawaiiiofficial @windparadise_shop. Single tab , futures fins compatible system, 6º cant, handfoiled. Check our web to find out our wide variety of products.


Nude Black

@plumedavion surfboards, brand new order of 8″ and 9″ greasser models, this color fits any midlength or log. Never get old fashioned. A must in any fin quiver. Order your custom fins at


Two out of three items you are seeing  are 100% handmade and handfoiled , made under fair labor conditions and made in Europe with the best materials available. Proud to create such beauties. Support local!!

Clear fiberglass

When you’re a sick and tired of colors and you need to refocus and going back to the roots….well, you could order these clear fiberglass freshies, no matter the shape, twins, side bites, thrusters…even river fins shown at the first pic.

Cooked and ready to serve

According to the new twin fin trend, classic ones or modern thruster with twin plus trailer configuration, here you are two steps in the process, the beauties in the oven and then ready to get a bit o sand and the logo that’ll make them even more valuable…