Tails and tails…

High quality or poor quality, it looks  the same from the outside, do you notice the difference? In a world market leaded by the images thanks to instagram, among others, it ‘s never easy for the average joe to find out if it’s the right choice or not. Look  this tail,  made with translucent resin to create that look between the foam and the tail block. 





Winter is coming

Warm days just gone, temperatures have dropped sharply, what a better moment to get one of these cebrano wood fins with our new vintage copper logo, an special limited edition only available in our wood fins range.

info/questions: www.neyracustomshop.com



A brand new long on its way to Germany. Classic lines for this MKI model, as requested, for Good Time Boardshop. Clean lines for easy nose riding, a bit narrower nose , and the rest of top quality construction you’re used to seeing in all my boards. What is an extra for others surfboards builders is standard for me. Get your “all include long”, email me for further info and prices!!

Un nuevo y bonito longboard ha salido para Alemania. Un encargo bastante definido desde el principio por el cliente….y así se realizó.



The simpler the better. Classic noseriding long with the top quality hand made details, such as deck and fin patches, pin line and resin tint.

Measurements: length 9’1” nose 18 3/4 width 23 tail 15 1/2 thickness 3

This one is a custom order , but don’t worry , you can order the same model with your personalized details that make it custom.

Un nuevo noserider sale del taller…

Como siempre todo a mano y en este caso buscado simplicidad y funcionalidad total. Glasseado en gris medio con pinline en resina blanca. Elegante, simple y funcional….me parece a mi.

De medidas: 9´1´´ 18 3/4´´ 23´´ 15 1/2´´ 3´´