Low Rider Model

New batch of the famous Low Rider fin, made in volan for our friends in Portugal @hangfivematosinhos @patrickbarros_1977. The most flexible Neyra fin model designed for improving rail to rail transitions, and gaining speed in every turn thanks to exceptional flexibilites properties. Ask the shaper about volan fins or visit Hang Five Matosinhos surf shop.

Chanel Island Mid fin set

Longtime customer Channel Island Surfboards contacted me months ago to work together in a new project, the CI Mid fin set model. And here you are the creation specially design for one of the most demanding customer as you may know. Single plus side biters. Check the video to see these jewels. Always the same top quality no matter what. Enjoy the video and stare the 0:07 seconds on this link CI Mid. 100% handmade and handfoiled in Sevilla, Spain.

7’0 Edgeboard

Spending hours at the bay creating this special design it´s being really fun. Think on this one like that ” board eat board” created by Rob Machado years ago, two in one board, edge rails and flex tail. Rounded diamond and single to double concave. A design hardly ever seen, challenging for any shaper.


Brand new midlength features:

Belly bottom at the nose, into flat in the middle and a double concave in the “v” with a subtle kick tail.

Centered volume a bit forward, rounded outline throughout the board, thin to mid rails, and hard in the last 1/4. Bottom and deck patches.

Single configuration, Gasser 10″ high flex fin.

Hand shaped custom blank with two parabolic paulownia stringers.Glass in light grey, resin pin line in the tail block. Resin pin line in the paulownia tail block. All Paulownia provided by IPAULOWNIA. Gloss finish.

Hoy os enseño un nuevo midlengh dr medidas 7’6″ 21 5/8″ 2 5/8″ con unas caracteristicas muy especiales. Bottom de belly en el nose, a plano en la mitad y doble concavo sobre “v”. Acabando en un sutil kicktail.Volumen centrado y levemente adelantado. Outline centrado. Cantos medios a finos. Especialmente en el último cuarto de la tabla. Y especialmente marcados en el ultimo cuarto.Con configuracion en single. En este caso una gasser 10″ high flex.

Shapeada a mano sobre un blank customizado con dos stringers parabolicos en paulownia. Glasseada en gris medio sin pinlines en resina(solo en el tail block)

A tail block en paulownia (toda ella facilitada por IPAULOWNIA). Con un bonito detalle con un pinline en resina.Acabado satinado.


Halfway between a longboard and a mid length it’s the mini long. The length is closer to a mid length although the glassing, tint resins , polish and tail block make it looking  like a classic log. Fast and easy to ride. Wide range of use, with a single 9″ fin for a classic long feeling in small waves, add the side fins and get a lot more drive when the thing get serious. One mini long and three fins equal lots of options.

Measurements: 8’2 x 22 1/8″ x27/8″.

Shape: flat entry rocker throughout the first 2/3th, deep double concave at the tail and progressive concave at the nose. Mid volume rails and centered volume. Bottom and deck patch. 100% Handmade craft. No machines or chinese people involved.

Beautiful tail block and resin details…Enjoy the ride Alvaro!!

Hoy toca algo de mini long. Una tabla a medias entre el longboard y el midlengh. Con mas elementos propios de un long clasico que de otra cosa.

8’2″  22 1/8″ 2 7/8″ son sus medidas básicas. Rocker plano en sus dos primeros tercios y acabado en round con doble concavo marcado en la cola y concavo progresivo en el nose.

Cantos medios y volumen centrado. Canto duro sin marcar en la cola.

Glasseado exactamente igual q un long clásico. Resinas teñidas, pulido, tailblock y algún detalle en resina.

Os dejo unas fotos.


A new freshy ready to ride for Nico. A single high performance midlenght surfboard. High tail rocker, flat bottom with a smooth concave in the nose and double tail concave. The board has mid rails and hard ones in the tail. Nice glass job with colored resin fiber patches matching with the fin, at a affordable price.

Una nueva tabla que sale del taller.

Un mini long xon caravteristicas de tabla performance en configuracion single.
Rocker acentuado en cola, bottom plano con suave concavo en el nose y doble concavo marcado en la cola. Cantos medios con canto afilado en los dos ultimos pies.

Un trabajo de glass con parches en fibra con resina de colores para darle un toque de color conteniendo el precio.




Hoy me toca enseñaros una tabla muy normal pero especial. Normal por ser una tabla inspirada el el modelo “fat arse wombat” de la marca Bear Surfboards. Especial por estar totalmente fabricada para su dueño. Es un 6’8″ por 21″ exactos y con 2 5/8″ en el centro. Un rocker muy especial….principalmente en el nose y tail, acentuandose en ellos. Cantos finos. 60/40 en los 4/5 delanteros de la tabla. Pasando a un sutil canto duro y acabando en falling tail (cola cayendo, sin aristas. Adjunto fotos). Bottom plano en el nose, sutil concavo central, doble concavo trasero. Deck con mucho foil. Laminada con resina azul transparente, con pinline en resina por petición del cliente, y acabado pulido.
La configuración de quillas en 2 + 1 la convierte en una de las tablas mas polivalentes que pueden tenerse para un nivel medio de surfing (especialmente en sus versiones mas cortas, 6’2″ por ejemplo.
Espero que os guste.

A special custom order inspired by Fat Arse Wombat model from Bear Surfboards, customized for a happy customer, Fran. 

Measurements 6’8 x 21”x 2 5/8”, special  rocker, slightly higher at nose and tail, 60/40 thin rails, getting hard at the las third, with an added failing tail(pictured below), a really stylish detail that make the board looks special.Flat nose bottom, to a subtle central concave, and double back concave . Foiled deck. Transparent blue resin lamination, resin pin line and a polish finish.

The 2 plus 1 set up configuration makes this board  a “go to  board” for a variety of conditions,from knee mushy  to overhead powerful waves, and suitable for an average level. This 6’8 beauty paddle with ease, catch everything that move and turn right. Smaller ones improve turning abilities and could be the best bet for 80% of our days of surfing.

Remember , as Rob Machado said: foam is your friend. Don’t be scared of riding different. The  better surfer is for sure the ones having more fun. Check your weight, your level order what you really need.

I have to say it one more time, all is handcrafted. Thanks to you, improving day by day.

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