We’re back

After some adjustments  we’re back on track…2017 was a good year at Neyracustom Shop, and hopefully 2018 will be better. Loads of loads of new special orders are being receiving so far… Take this clear fiberglass twin fin set as a sample. The best is still to come.




Have a Look at the one of the largest fins catalog available on our web, choose the model and add your personal touch, contact us with your idea and you’ll get your dream-fins… Or send us your idea and we’ll give it the shape. This new order from our friends at Slash surfboards shows new templates, thicknesses and foils as requested. If you can think it we can make it!!




Larger at the bottom means speed and drive, narrower at the top means higher turning and easier rail to rail transitions. Add a lot of flex and you get a very remarkable  performance. Twin fins made for fun sessions.

questions/orders: gestion.neyrafins@gmail.com  pics: www.neyracustomshop.com



These ones all flying to @burl_and_barrel in Hawaii, so in case you want some of the best plywood and volan fins ever done, just check my web or email me to ask for a quote. 100% handmade.Plywood plus volan,front fins a rears, we make it all custom.

Questions/orders: gestion.neyrafins@gmail.com




In case you didn’t notice, we all are undergoing a several case of fish fever. 

Symptons: small waves homebreak, tired of high performance boards you’ll never master, sick of paddling and don’t get a wave, tired of uploading that picture to your instagram account where you got that monster 2 feet wave with your gun again and again, wasting your time in the water….if you have said yes to any of these statements….then

Remedy: Get a fish, all colors available, add two awesome transparent fins, add a little foam  and a  little width, take a bit of length, slide in every turn , flow and glide…4 times a week, 4 weeks per month, from july to september.

Questions/orders: gestion.neyrafins@gmail.com




Hi there!! In case you didn´t notice, the world is going green, so is Neyra custom boards.

The small lengths of our brochure, twin fins, singles, quads,  bonzers, and of course any custom you could imagine, you can order with the new 3x vacuum woody tech.

How is it work?  We use recycled eps core vacuum sandwich, wood ( 15 types to be chosen), and epoxy resins. Firstly  we do the double vacuum for eps core, fiber and wood, to keep the shaped foam perfectly assembled. Once we get this done, we do the third vacuum for the external epoxy lamination. The result is a lighter and stronger board. The combination wood and epoxy provide a longer surfboard live and an accurate  flexibility similar to poly boards.

In the picture you can see the first step of this construction, the double vacuum finished. Look the rail and the nose concave , once the vacuum is done….

WARNING: don´t get epoxy wood sandwich vacuum wrong. This tech has nothing to be with former epoxy surfboards made in Thailand, harder as a  horn…

Hola! Como ya sabéis la tendencia de sostenibilidad es una realidad que va en aumento día a día, y como no puede ser de otra manera en Neyra Custom Boards la hemos implementado.

A partir de ya, puedes encargar tu nueva tabla(medidas pequeñas del catálogo como twin, bonzer, single…etc, etc) en esta tecnología.

Cómo funciona? Partimos de un foam de EPS reciclado( el corcho de bolitas de toda la vida…mejorado) , una vez shapeado, se aplica un doble sandwich al vacío con el tipo de madera que elijamos, hay 15 disponibles, fibra y resina epoxy , normal o bioepoxy, y ,como el anuncio , se quita el aire que sobra y la resina que sobra dando como resultado una tabla más ligera y resistente a la vez que con un flex similar a las de poliester. Como se ve en la foto, después de hacerle el primer vacío, la tabla queda lista para eliminar cualquier imperfección y aplicar un último sandwich con fibra de vidrio y epoxy que mantendrá la tabla en condiciones por mucho mas tiempo que las antiguas de poliester.

Esta tecnología es mas duradera y presenta una características muy adecuadas en cuanto a flex, peso y comportamiento en el agua. Igualmente es eco-friendly, menos perjudicial para el medio ambiente, y con un aumento de precio mínimo, por lo que son todo ventajas.

ATENCIÓN: Esta tecnología no tiene absolutamente nada que ver con estas tablas de sandwich de epoxy duras como una tiza, que no tienen flex ninguno y que se rompen , como una tiza, con un golpe seco….que en su día las intentaron meter en el mercado pero que no tuvieron ningún éxito, por su poca calidad y alto precio.

En breve más información.