Bubbinga Bonzer

The star of the winter, come and see the one and only Bubbinga Bonzer. This bonzer shaped bubbinga wood is a 5’10 bonzer 5. Vacuum epoxy sandwich , includes paulownia water based tint rails and african Mahogany runners and central fin copper, among other details. Made in real wood, not just a marketing ad, light but strong construction.





Dear Santa…

As you might know xmas is coming. That time of the year when you have all the permissions to buy some toys just for you without any reason, just because . Check a samples of our latest designs. By the way, all my work is 100% handmade, and made in Spain, no chinese or thai people involved. 


Bonzer fin set chapter one

Hi guys, in case you don´t notice, making a bonzer set is not an easy task…If  you look at the pictures you’ll notice the cant clearly. Nowadays is almost imposible to find a decent bonzer set  built with the right ( and so far damn from China and Thailand) technic. So if you ride a bonzer and like to ride the best,  contact a fin maker of your confidence ( if you know one) or just email us to know  the truth about these outstanding stuff.







Bonzer 3

Hi handmade boards lovers. Look one of my last orders, a handshaped 6’2 epoxy bonzer 3, with handfoiled epoxi glass on runners, clean outline and deck patches as requested. Designed for high speed rides on waves of consequence. Enjoy it José Antonio!!

info/questions: www.neyracustomshop.com

Screenshot_2017-11-10-19-56-53-1.pngScreenshot_2017-11-10-19-57-01-1 copia.pngScreenshot_2017-11-10-19-57-05-1.png


Top quality batch of bonzer 5 sets for our friends at Olatu. If you never tried a bonzer you should. Open your mind to the realm of  singles, twins, quads and bonzers…and your surf will improve. 

Questions/orders: gestion.neyrafins@gmail.com




After R&D months, here you are the eco bonzer, made of real mahogany, paulownia and balsa wood , eps core, vacum epoxy and fiberglass sandwich plus balsa -paulownia rails. Ready for 4 oz. epoxy glassing. Remember that in the near future epoxy will be the most used resin due to its eco properties, pattern flex and less weight among others features.

Questions/orders: gestion.neyrafins@gmail.com19665532_1130698333703327_11085837088826980_n.jpg19665498_1130698237036670_8559892790040318477_n.jpg