Foil surfboard

An open minded mindset it’s what define Neyra Custom Boards and Fins, that’s why I push myself to new challenges every now and then, like this one. First foil surfboard in the shaping bay. Like to know your comments so please feel free to describe what do you think about this new design.

Clear fiberglass

When you’re a sick and tired of colors and you need to refocus and going back to the roots….well, you could order these clear fiberglass freshies, no matter the shape, twins, side bites, thrusters…even river fins shown at the first pic.

Custom twin fin set

4º cant degrees custom twin fin sets. These ones are no longer available, although you can order the same or customize the colors , the template, the system, just like a pizza…Remember that you only pay for the product, no marketing ads or pro team living of your money. That’s the reason my prices are lower than the big companies…