Sex Flex Model

Handfoiled volan flex fins (sex flex model) for @bryanfischersurfboards.  As you can see, it’s a 100% handmade fine job. You can order just the same high quality products customized. Check this blog to find what model it’s yours or contact me for your own model.


An interesting mixed batch of fins are heading to korea. Very proud of the feedback my Made in Spain top quality high tech products are having among the surf comunity. We deliver worldwide, thanks to our satisfied customers. Go to the real deal , avoid what you don’t need in a fin. Remember that only catching wave counts to be a better rider, neither this or that fin makes you improving, going to the water as much as possible will do.By the way , nice colors for these ones…

Carbon SUP fins

Not only we make high level surf fins, kitesurf and paddlesurf fins as well.

These ones specially designed for race sup, foam core and ultralight vacuum carbon fiber make them stiff and light.

Moulded foam core, as lightest as it gets
after the vacuum bag process the carbon layers only absord the amount of resin they need to work properly…
once the magic happens…
they are ready to delivery

Happy & Healthy Christmas 2020

From Neyra Custom Shop Headquaters, all the best wishes for 2021. Remember, keep it simple, simplify and always look for quality instead of cuantity. Let´s go back to the roots, one board, one fin or twin, or tri or quad, one wave, avoid marketing shit, and be open minded and ready for a new twin fish movement in the months to come, as long as Kelly has decided to surf this model riding the black one you saw at the Pipeline Master a week ago, pictured below.

Rainbow fins re-stock

Due to the success of these happy fins, they are one more time available on my e-shop. Feel free to check it out and get hipnotized by the color combo…and don´t forget you’ll surf at least a 15% better riding them.


Hats off to Neyra Custom Shapes for these two classics. The yellow one 9’5 x 23’x 3′, 100% handmade, resin tint,  three stinger foam, triple 6 oz deck and double 6 oz bottom, patches included, designed for ankle to waist swells and unlimited on the nose rides, the blue one, 100% custom restoration, designed for unlimited miles rides…