A brand new long on its way to Germany. Classic lines for this MKI model, as requested, for Good Time Boardshop. Clean lines for easy nose riding, a bit narrower nose , and the rest of top quality construction you’re used to seeing in all my boards. What is an extra for others surfboards builders is standard for me. Get your “all include long”, email me for further info and prices!!

Un nuevo y bonito longboard ha salido para Alemania. Un encargo bastante definido desde el principio por el cliente….y así se realizó.


6’4″ 19 3/4″ 2 1/2″ BONZER 3. RUSS SHORT INSPIRED

This is my  brand new Russ Short inspired Bonzer 3. White matte finished, mid to thin rails, sharped tail and nose, glass on sides and central fins also 100% handmade. Ready to riding big walls at a high speed. Ride it on your own risk!!

If you are looking for a bonzer 3, or 5, contact me for a detailed budget. Try different boards and improve your surfing

Aquí os dejo un nuevo bonzer 3. Inspirado en el clásico bonzer que popularizó Russ Short.

Acabado en blanco (laminado en transparente) mate.
Las medidas 6’4″ 19 3/4″ 2 1/2″.
Con el volumen centrado, cantos medios a finos, cola y nose finos.

Espero que os guste.







The simpler the better. Classic noseriding long with the top quality hand made details, such as deck and fin patches, pin line and resin tint.

Measurements: length 9’1” nose 18 3/4 width 23 tail 15 1/2 thickness 3

This one is a custom order , but don’t worry , you can order the same model with your personalized details that make it custom.

Un nuevo noserider sale del taller…

Como siempre todo a mano y en este caso buscado simplicidad y funcionalidad total. Glasseado en gris medio con pinline en resina blanca. Elegante, simple y funcional….me parece a mi.

De medidas: 9´1´´ 18 3/4´´ 23´´ 15 1/2´´ 3´´



Well, what could I say about this fucking piece of art….customized double stinger foam, double deck patch, resin pin line, glass on plywood fins, resin tint….etc etc. My hand made skill taken to the top….

Measurements: length 5’2 nose 18 3/4 width 21 3/4 tail 17 7/8 thickness 2 1/2

on stock now!!

Aquí os dejo otro BLOWFISH. Lo me para mi es un autentico fish equipado como un cadillac. Fabricado como siempre a mano con un foam customizado solo y exclusivamente para esta tabla.

Sus medidas son: 5´2´´ 18 3/4´´ 21 3/4´´ 17 7/8´´ 2 1/2´

Os enseño su aspecto. Lo tenéis disponible en www.neyracustomshop.com



I love bonzers….this light blue 5’4 beauty has already a happy owner. Small and thick, catching wave machine, and insane wood fins… Just look the pics.

Hoy os enseño un nuevo bonzer para David. Una talla corta, voluminoso y con wingers muy marcados. Os adjunto unas fotos.





9’1″ Gasser. Retro performance single fin longboard.
Para Adrian.
MkI rocker con kick tail. Hard tail y volumen centrado.
Perfecto para todos los dias.

Yeahhh…..retro & performance longboard? Sure. This two tones beauty is such an oxymoron…The Gasser model features “modern details” in the retro line of longboards made in our shaping bay. Take a classic long, pull out nose a tail, give a more curved line, add a narrowed rounded  tail and you got it!! An every day longboard to keep you busy at any given session. Its hard tail makes you turn easily as long as you are and average rider. Nose riding  also available in this model which combines old school rides with progressive performance…Balanced outline, three stringers, insane resin tint work, bottom and deck patches…what else can I say??You gotta love it!! No marketing department involved, what you see, what you get…hahahahahahaha.

questions/orders: www.neyracustomshop.com




Dan West ya tiene su nuevo longboard.
Un noserider puro, muy tecnico pero con un rango de uso amplio. De una cuarta a metro y medio molon……. Si sabes lo q haces claro.
Es mi longboard favorito de este año 2015…..
9’4″. Con rocker mkII (plano 3/4 primeros de la tabla, ultimo 1/4 con rocker muy acentuado y un buen kicktail). Pinched rails medios, bottom de belly con concavo progresivo en el nose a belly continuo.
Glass standart en resina teñida en blanco. Acabado cepillado al acero….. Y sus detalles habituales.
Esta tabla con su quilla tiene un precio inferior a 800 euros iva incluido……

Dan , your brand new log is ready!! Yours is my favorite model for 2K15, a pure nose rider longboard, with a wide range of use, from ankle to chest high waves.

9’4” , MKII rocker ,that is a flat rocker line the first 3/4 and slightly curve at the last quarter, with a kick tail . Belly bottom with a concave at the nose , pinched medium rails. Standard glassing, simple but nice white resin tint, you’ll never  get tired of a white log, custom wood tail…and the rest of high quality details I’m used to  adding. And last but not least, steel wood sanding that provides a really special finish.

And here is the joke, the price of this “one of a kind ” longboard , with the red fin included, less than 800 euros, taxes included…Yes, insane deal, I know it.

Ok, call me straightaway www.neyracustomshop.com