Modern mini simmons

My classic MKII mini simmons with a modern touch, stringerless beauty ready to ride and glide. 5’4 twin fin with carbon patch where is needed, providing the prpoperly flex efect. Remember all Neyra boards are 100% custom, and fins are included!!

Mini simmons 5’4

First pictures of this bar of soap called mini simmons. Double ender outline and one of a kind rails for this small and chunky thing. Wave eater surfboard, hours of fun guaranteed as long as your are in good shape…Remember foam is your friend specially when you are a kook, or your are new in the game or you´re getting older and still haven´t found the perfect board for your less than average style.


The future is now, ride different, be openminded…remember what we used to ride in 90’s…mistake, mistake, big mistake …and look now, the top pros are only a handful, sure as you are not one of them, don´t follow their rules. 

Beautiful board and beautiful fins, by the way…100% handmade. The only machine you will find in my shaping room is the coffee maker. Yeah!!

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