Details make the difference

In the process of purchasing a brand new fin, we all are used to checking the web looking for quality stuff at a fair price, although many times what we find is a high quality video showcasing a pro doign his o her work riding the new improved model that will make you surf at least a 15% better…

Being our Social Media Marketing budget estimated in…let me think….zero euros, or zero dollars, our only and true way of selling is showing you our work for you to decide. As simple as that. Enjoy these pics of my customers orders, recently shipped.

Go Green Volan

As best as it gets!! Custom order just shipped to @mazboards. If the customer knows what he need, we got it, if not we got it too. Let’s know what fin would fit better to your board and we’ll make it. Focused on quality and function, not on marketing advs.


Brand new midlength features:

Belly bottom at the nose, into flat in the middle and a double concave in the “v” with a subtle kick tail.

Centered volume a bit forward, rounded outline throughout the board, thin to mid rails, and hard in the last 1/4. Bottom and deck patches.

Single configuration, Gasser 10″ high flex fin.

Hand shaped custom blank with two parabolic paulownia stringers.Glass in light grey, resin pin line in the tail block. Resin pin line in the paulownia tail block. All Paulownia provided by IPAULOWNIA. Gloss finish.

Hoy os enseño un nuevo midlengh dr medidas 7’6″ 21 5/8″ 2 5/8″ con unas caracteristicas muy especiales. Bottom de belly en el nose, a plano en la mitad y doble concavo sobre “v”. Acabando en un sutil kicktail.Volumen centrado y levemente adelantado. Outline centrado. Cantos medios a finos. Especialmente en el último cuarto de la tabla. Y especialmente marcados en el ultimo cuarto.Con configuracion en single. En este caso una gasser 10″ high flex.

Shapeada a mano sobre un blank customizado con dos stringers parabolicos en paulownia. Glasseada en gris medio sin pinlines en resina(solo en el tail block)

A tail block en paulownia (toda ella facilitada por IPAULOWNIA). Con un bonito detalle con un pinline en resina.Acabado satinado.


The simpler the better. Classic noseriding long with the top quality hand made details, such as deck and fin patches, pin line and resin tint.

Measurements: length 9’1” nose 18 3/4 width 23 tail 15 1/2 thickness 3

This one is a custom order , but don’t worry , you can order the same model with your personalized details that make it custom.

Un nuevo noserider sale del taller…

Como siempre todo a mano y en este caso buscado simplicidad y funcionalidad total. Glasseado en gris medio con pinline en resina blanca. Elegante, simple y funcional….me parece a mi.

De medidas: 9´1´´ 18 3/4´´ 23´´ 15 1/2´´ 3´´



Summer is coming and swells are getting smaller, time to try something shorter and thicker. I love this boards, terribly fun and functional. This is a new 5’4 single fin, with custom double stringer, and a look you’re not used to seeing very often. You know,  foam it’s your friend and 80% of the wave we get are less than average….do the math.More info about this model soon…

Me encantan este tipo de tablas muy cortas y voluminosas. Siempre son terriblemente divertidas y funcionales.

De momento os enseño algunas fotos del shape. En breve iré completando esta entrada con datos mas tecnicos y detalles de un glass tan especial con el shape.

Espero q os guste.






Un nuevo pedido ha salido de NEYRAFIN hacia la tierra de Pedro Falcao…. Portugal (Lisboa). Diseño exclusivo del outline, foil y logo personalizado.
Podeis poneros en contacto con el atraves de

A batch or new fins are heading to Portugal. 100% handmade, custom outline and foil. No marketing campaign are needed. What you see, top quality gear, is what you get. If you are around Lisbon check, if not contact me at



9’1″ Gasser. Retro performance single fin longboard.
Para Adrian.
MkI rocker con kick tail. Hard tail y volumen centrado.
Perfecto para todos los dias.

Yeahhh…..retro & performance longboard? Sure. This two tones beauty is such an oxymoron…The Gasser model features “modern details” in the retro line of longboards made in our shaping bay. Take a classic long, pull out nose a tail, give a more curved line, add a narrowed rounded  tail and you got it!! An every day longboard to keep you busy at any given session. Its hard tail makes you turn easily as long as you are and average rider. Nose riding  also available in this model which combines old school rides with progressive performance…Balanced outline, three stringers, insane resin tint work, bottom and deck patches…what else can I say??You gotta love it!! No marketing department involved, what you see, what you get…hahahahahahaha.





Nuevos modelos de QUILLAS FINS para los raiders de NEYRAFINS.
Ambas en volan, fabricadas a mano y bajo las especificaciones de Nathan Sadoun y Daniel Alvite.  Desde el color al grado de flex has sido cuidados al detalle.
Espero que les gusten…..

Imagine you could order these volan fins, with custom flex, logos and colors…stop dreaming, you can order them actually. Contact me at my online shop and let’s have a chat about what you’d like…The pictures shown below belong to my team riders fins Nathan Sadoun and Dani Alvite. Forget all these mass production fins, pretending to be originals… 

Anything is possible at