Happy & Healthy Christmas 2020

From Neyra Custom Shop Headquaters, all the best wishes for 2021. Remember, keep it simple, simplify and always look for quality instead of cuantity. Let´s go back to the roots, one board, one fin or twin, or tri or quad, one wave, avoid marketing shit, and be open minded and ready for a new twin fish movement in the months to come, as long as Kelly has decided to surf this model riding the black one you saw at the Pipeline Master a week ago, pictured below.

Plywood fins

A white twin surfboard whit this set of fins never gets out of fashion. Classic never gets old, and thanks to marketing campaigns the old stuff is always coming back wiht a modern review, they say. The reality is thar if you want to get waves maybe you should try more foam under your belly, and in that case, riding that fins sure will improve your skills at least a 15%. Sounds real? No…? Well…that’s the magic of marketing.

Twin fin sets in stock

Look what’s new on the e-shop. Twin fin sets available now in different templates. Order yours as long as they are in stock and get’em with the special cover. Pick your couple of fins no matter what type of fish you ride, and remember trying something new from time to time cause it’s a fact that as your belly is getting bigger and bigger your less than average surf level is getting worst….And get at least a 15% improvement on your surf skills buying these ones.

Volan fins lovers

Hi there. All of you who likes to ride the most flexible fins on earth check these brand new ones out. In one hand,webber inspired larger fins designed with twins on mind…a perfect balance between drive and vertical surfing. Larger than any other twin fish fin you’ve ever seen.

In the other hand , long time customer @fantasticacid surfboard, where flex rules….check their web to find out something about alternative equipment. This time they ordered dolphin style freshies for their outstanding quality surfboards.

Yes, all this stuff is handmade, handfoiling and any other word that matches with hand.

Go Green Volan

As best as it gets!! Custom order just shipped to @mazboards. If the customer knows what he need, we got it, if not we got it too. Let’s know what fin would fit better to your board and we’ll make it. Focused on quality and function, not on marketing advs.


Who wouldn’t like  to ride a board using these templates?? Yeahh, they look super cool glassed on any board. The french people from THE SAILOR already know that so they ordered their batch.

Os enseño algunos pedido de templates o modelos exclusivos para algunos fabricantes de tablas franceses como son THE SAILOR

Os enseño unas fotillos…



Os enseño algunas de los nuevos sets compatibles con FCS y FUTURE. Fabricados en fibra y contrachapado. Muy resistentes y lijeras, con un look perfecto. Acabado mate y perfecto ajuste.

Puedes comprar las nuevas quillas en NeyraCustomShop.com

New twin and quad keel fins for fcs and futures now available at neyracustomshop.com. Handmade wood, fiber and resin fins. Matt finish and perfect fit as always. Quality products at a very affordable price, check the web for further information.

Quillas FCS y FUTURE