Details make the difference

In the process of purchasing a brand new fin, we all are used to checking the web looking for quality stuff at a fair price, although many times what we find is a high quality video showcasing a pro doign his o her work riding the new improved model that will make you surf at least a 15% better…

Being our Social Media Marketing budget estimated in…let me think….zero euros, or zero dollars, our only and true way of selling is showing you our work for you to decide. As simple as that. Enjoy these pics of my customers orders, recently shipped.


Pequeño fish para olas pequeñas o medias, corto y ancho comparado con las tablas a las que estamos habituados. Mucho volumen central y en la parte superior de los cantos, pero manteniéndose estos últimos medios en zona central y finos  en nose y tail. Deck cóncavo, bottom de belly en el nose, flat en la zona central y doble cóncavo sobre un cóncavo simple. Quillas en plywood de flex medio. Blank personalizado con doble stringer, glass 4+4 en deck y 4 +ref quillas en bottom. Resina tenida en amarillo medio y naranja en logo. Acabado a la lija grano 400 + cepillado.

Perfecta para surfers medios de 70-78kg y hasta un metro con fuerza

For these small and funny sessions, enjoy this 5’1 Blowfish, short and wide, lot of volume at the middle of the board, full rails at the first 1/3, into a middle rails to a thin rails at the tail for speed tight carving and concave deck(have you ever tried a concave should) , make this board magic for that conditions, easy paddling and rail to rail transition provided for a special bottom curve (belly bottom at the nose, to flat to double concave to single off the tail). Plywood mid flex glass-on fins. Yellow resin tint. Sanded finish. 

Who can ride this twin? Suitable for surfers in the 70-80 kgr range and up to 3′ or 4′ power waves, 100% handmade. Check the web for price.

Be openminded, ride a twin!!