Custom order

Remember, you can order the widest variety of fins available on my web or customize any model according to your preferences, just like ordering a pizza, ask for any details you want, volan, poly, wood, no flex, super flex, colour…and so on.

Red Volan fins in stock

Check the web to get one of these red volan fins. Wide assortment of models including twin and quad set freshies waiting for you. Not very often you find volan fins in other color than coke bottle green so that’s almost once in your lifetime… Plus, red fins always match perfectly well with white boards…For details, go to the web.


Looking for new sensations under your feet? Maybe you just need to try a new volan fin, find out what “flex” means and how your board react…Or maybe it’s time to try a less demanding activity like jogging…in the meantime try one on.

Cansado de tu tabla?? Quizás sólo te hace falta una quilla fabricada en volan, con más flexibilidad , descubre como el flex de estas quillas  afecta a tu surfing…..A lo mejor lo que necesitas es prácticar un deporte menos exigente como echarte a correr por cualquier calle…mientras te decides prueba una de estas .

volan fins.jpg