Real men wear Pink @blendinglines_surfboards

or so they say … anyway have you ever seen volan pink fins? Me neither, until now. I have to admit that they look great. Outstanding sanding job as usual. Remember, you can order your custom fins no matter what template, flex degree, colors, system etc etc, you want. Just check the wide variety shown at the e-shop or at this blog, and let me know your dream-fin.

Hell week

Hardly ever you see these volan fins on others finmakers webs, maybe it’s due to its color, coke bottle green it’s not the most demandend by many of you, maybe the sanding process is harder when you walk into the volan realm, or maybe because they are the highest quality product wich means a higher retail price…whatever it is at Neyra Custom Shop love these orders. Specially designed for surfers looking for gaining speed in every turn.

Low Rider Model

New batch of the famous Low Rider fin, made in volan for our friends in Portugal @hangfivematosinhos @patrickbarros_1977. The most flexible Neyra fin model designed for improving rail to rail transitions, and gaining speed in every turn thanks to exceptional flexibilites properties. Ask the shaper about volan fins or visit Hang Five Matosinhos surf shop.

Chipiron Fin

Here you are these light colors brand new fins for our longtime french customer Chipiron. Most of them dolphin style, suitable for any surfboard, some of them modified hatchet template, and a set of side bites. This time they ordered in light colors and flex improvemente volan.

Custom order

Remember, you can order the widest variety of fins available on my web or customize any model according to your preferences, just like ordering a pizza, ask for any details you want, volan, poly, wood, no flex, super flex, colour…and so on.

Volan fins lovers

Hi there. All of you who likes to ride the most flexible fins on earth check these brand new ones out. In one hand,webber inspired larger fins designed with twins on mind…a perfect balance between drive and vertical surfing. Larger than any other twin fish fin you’ve ever seen.

In the other hand , long time customer @fantasticacid surfboard, where flex rules….check their web to find out something about alternative equipment. This time they ordered dolphin style freshies for their outstanding quality surfboards.

Yes, all this stuff is handmade, handfoiling and any other word that matches with hand.

Red Volan fins in stock

Check the web to get one of these red volan fins. Wide assortment of models including twin and quad set freshies waiting for you. Not very often you find volan fins in other color than coke bottle green so that’s almost once in your lifetime… Plus, red fins always match perfectly well with white boards…For details, go to the web.

Chipiron & Volan

Longtime customer Chipiron asked for a new order made of volan freshies such as dolphin style and pivot fins. And here it’s another handmade and handfoiled custom fins. Unmatchable quality at a fair price. Do you want some? Contact me at